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We provide private lessons at your boarding facility.


For prices and scheduling please contact us:



"A rider feel will always be reflected by the horse. Harmony is the word that describes the result of riding with feel.”
Klaus Balkenhol

Our goal while coaching a rider is to make them understand exactly what they are doing, and why they are doing it. We want to develop riders that have deep knowledge and understanding of every aspect of the sport making them capable of improving the horse's performance. Our responsibility is to teach clients how to understand every aspect of training in order for them to be able to correct themselves and adapt to their horse's behavior during every training session. By following all of these steps the horse and rider will still make progress every day of the week, not only the days they are under the guidance of an instructor.


My approach to lessons is to provide the riders all the knowledge and techniques needed in order to make their horses perform 100% of their capabilities during home training and competitions.



Our commitment is to develop riders that not only ride well by reflex, but that also understand the reasons behind every movement made while riding a horse by taking into consideration equine morphology and biomechanics. 


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