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When you are training a horse you always want to achieve a clear communication with them, because you really want him to understand what you want him to perform and when you want him to do it. Is very important to recognize every little improvement and reward him, this way horses are going to start understanding when they behaved correctly. When the rider asks the horse to do something, and the horse understand, that’s when harmony between horse and rider starts. With progressive correct training we offer, horses will gain strength and suppleness leading that to a better execution of all the exercises we ask them such as circles, transitions, leg yield, jumping, etc.

Systematic progressive training of the horse is going to allow him to learn how to use their body in a athletic way, maintain balance at all moments with the rider’s weight on top of him, making this way an easy horse, that is very responsive to the rider aids, and it will maintain his overall health in long term.

“FLATWORK” is the most important part of training a horse no matter what discipline he is going to perform so in order to achieve excellence, we guide ourselfs using the German Training Scale that consists of:

Increased engagement, lightness of forehand and self carriage.


Improved alignment and balance.


Incresed energy and thrust.


Acceptance of the bit through acceptance of the aids.


Elasticity and suppleness. 


Energy and tempo.







"In training we must be encouraged to first establish the principles and only then to tackle the details"
Dr. Reiner Klimke

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